December 27, 2011

In the note for only me ;P

Read this blog accidentally:
I shouted “Eureka, eureka!” as Newton when he saw an apple falling out of the tree.
This blog inspires me much. It makes me love my job more. So excited to work in media area which is an amazing land to me. Moving to Saigon is my brilliant decision to learn more about my job and know more people in the field.
I recently met some people and I’m so glad to be their colleague, their partner and their friend. In the first days of moving here, I was like a person going in a dark tunnel and didn’t see any hope of light. I had to find my way to survive. Then I slowly saw the dim light even though it’s still far from me. Finally I went out of it because of my friends and my co-workers.
Now the terrible tunnel is behind me. A long road still ahead. But I’m happy to see the path and where to go.
In the time of ending year, I sit alone. Thinking of everything I’ve done. I’m proud of my self for the big year that will change my life. I worked hard and enjoyed every moment of life.
In the coming year, my show will be on air, finally. This is MY show from the beginning until the end. I can say that. This is what I planned during 2 years. This show will shock you. I bet! Waiting for my show and I will not waste your time.
At last, I love my job (announcing like the leaders in the meeting ;P ). Media has a magical power that you never imagine although you work in it. It’s HOT. It seduces me. It makes me stuck in it like I can’t escape an adventurous dream.
Don’t forget to watch The Late Night Show on VTV3 this March. It’s ME ^__^


  1. Congratulations! You are Hà Nội got talent, what time it will be on broadcast?

  2. ops, hury made me missunderstood, i though your show will be on air tonight. Ok,at least, your media programs is the your friend from blog's expectation, right?, don't forget to share the link on youtube for your fan who is living abroard.

  3. Link đâu, cho lên xem rùi mới oánh giá được.

  4. @NLVD: You said like you're living abroad :P I miss U btw ^^

  5. @LU: ôi, đánh giá trước mà chả cần xem mới tài chứ! Ủa, sao E ko còm được cái bài Ngả Ngớn của chị vậy?? huhu

  6. Vụ này chắc là sẽ được khao lớn đây!

  7. Vụ này chắc là sẽ được khao lớn đây!

  8. Vụ rề hả A? A nói E chả hĩu ý :P

  9. Vụ lên sóng chương trình của em ấy!